Sweaty hands – how to reduce sweating – ten ideas

Having regularly sweaty hands, technically called Palmar hyperhydrosis, is a problem for about 1% of the population. The condition can start at any age, but typically starts in adolescence and can be accompanied by excessive sweating of the feet, under the armpits and in other regions. Of course we have all experienced sweaty hands at some points such as when we are overheated, nervous in front of an audience or perhaps when we are going on a blind date. If you have sweaty hands regularly it’s likely that you have  inherited genes that make you susceptible – about 70% of sufferers have a relative with over-active sweat glands, perhaps a grandparent or sibling.

There is quite a lot you can do to reduce the incidence of unwanted sweat on your hands and to counteract it.  Here are ten ideas to help:

  1. Before a big event, wash your hands with alcohol-based hand wipes which will shrink the pores and help temporarily
  2. When you feel your hands start to sweat put on some baby powder which will absorb the sweatiness
  3. Make sure you are always well hydrated.  This means drink plenty of water which keeps your core body temperature down and reduces the tendency to sweat
  4. Apply an antiperspirant to your hands – these have the effect of plugging the sweat pores
  5. Try to reduce stress in your life – regular exercise is one way to do this
  6. After your morning shower rub your hands in coconut oil which is a natural anti-perspirant
  7. Apply rose water to your hands which can reduce their inclination to sweat
  8. Avoid drinks that create sweatiness such as any containing caffeine or alcohol
  9. Avoid foods that make you sweat, such as spicy meals or fatty or fried foods.  Processed food can also contribute to having sweaty hands
  10. Eat healthily by opting for low fat milk, calcium rich food and olive oil

Please contact us with any other ideas that you have found work to reduce the problem of sweaty hands.  Email: goodideas@medicine.co.uk

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