University of Liverpool School of Medicine

Undergraduate – Yes – Years 5 – Intercalation required no Intercalation possible yes/no

Applications Places Interviews Offers M/F ratio entrance




Graduate – yes – 4 years

Applications Places Interviews Offers M/F ratio entrance



Academic Requirements

GCSEs IB Scottish higher A levels Degree Entry test
Undergraduate – A100 9 subjects: B grades in chemistry, biology, physics, Eng Lang and Maths 36 points:

HL: 666 chemistry and biology

SL: min 555 points

PLUS min GCSE reqm’ts

AdvH: AA – biology and chemistry

Highers: AAAAB biology (A), chemistry (A)


– chemistry and biology at A2

– no resits

2i in biological, biomedical or health sciences subject


– GCSE Maths and English Language

– BBBb Chemistry (B) biology (B)


Graduate – A101 English Language and Maths – grade C 32 points:

HL: biology (5) chemistry (5)


– chemistry (B), biology (B)

– no resits

high 2i in bio-science honours degree GAMSAT

Required A levels – chemistry and biology

Unacceptable A levels – GS, CT

Interview – MMI – dates for 2017 are 31st January, 6th February and 20th February

Access to medicine – Yes, Foundation to Health Services Year 0 programme

Also accept applicants from City of Liverpool College, Halton, Hugh Baird, Wirral Metropolitan, Southport, Manchester College, the Staffordshire Access to HE course (Medicine and Health Professionals), West Anglia College of Medicine and A900 pre-medical course at Lancaster University

Dissection kind

Strengths of the course – spiral curriculum

Record lectures

Campus vs City

Coursework vs Exams

Email –

Telephone – +44(0)151 795 4370

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