Undergraduate – Yes – Years 5- Intercalation required no Intercalation possible yes

Applications Places Interviews Offers M/F ratio entrance


219 NU + 99 DU


Graduate – Yes – 4 years

Applications Places Interviews Offers M/F ratio entrance


25 (Home only)


Academic Requirements

GCSEs IB Scottish higher A levels Degree Entry test
Undergraduate 38 points:

HL: Chemistry or biology grade 6

AAAAA Higher grade including chemistry and/or biology AAA chemistry and/or biology

– if only one offered at A level other must be Grade A at GCSE

Graduate N/A N/A 2i UKCAT

Required A levels – chemistry and/or biology

Unacceptable A levels – GS and CT

Interview – 6 categories

•     Preparation and motivation for medical school

•     Effective Learning skills

•     Team working

•     Personal qualities/ resilience

•     Interpersonal and communication skills

•     Empathy, sensitivity and integrity

Access to medicine

Dissection kind – as part of Student Selected Components (SSCs)

Strengths of the course

Record lectures

Campus vs City

Coursework vs Exams

Telephone – +44 (0)191 208 7005

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