Top 10 most searched diseases on Google

It’s interesting looking at what other people search for medically for a number of reasons.  It shows us what diseases people fear, what diseases they want to know about and what diseases are the most common.  Searches can also show us which diseases are embarrassing and people want to search online and try to self diagnose.

The list is as follows: Cancer; Diabetes; Depression; HIV; Acne; Aids; Stroke; Herpes; Arthritis; Breast Cancer.  Overall the top 10 most searched diseases account for 70 million searches per month of which 28.5 million are searches made in the US.  Cancer has just under 25 million monthly searches so accounts for 35% of the top 10 most searched diseases.

Top 10 most searched diseases on Google May 2013


Over the next few weeks I hope to write a profile on each of the diseases on this list.

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